Affiliate Program

Evangelize the Master Samurai Tech Academy and get paid doing it by becoming an MST affiliate.

I know how much y’all love to tell fellow techs, family members, and complete strangers about the Academy. I felt you guys should get something in return for this great work you’ve been doing, so we set up a Master Samurai Tech affiliate program!

As an MST affiliate, you get paid to spread the word about the Academy! When someone you refer enrolls in one of our full courses, you will get $35 for your first referral. Every referral afterwards gets you $25. Cha-CHING! By the way, it’s totally free to sign up as an affiliate - there are no obligations.

Here's how it works: spread the word about MST through affiliate links and coupon codes, which you can put in the signature line of your emails or Appliantology posts, or up on your own website or blog, if you have one. All transactions are conveniently tracked by our software and you get email notifications every time someone takes advantage of your link or code. Easy-peasy!

One more perk: anyone who uses your coupon code will also receive 10% off of any course they purchase in addition to you getting a $25 commission. So share the love!

Click here to sign up!