Reasonable and Flexible.  Accessible and Knowledgeable. Our students – even some who have also used other training sources – call this the best investment they've made for their careers and themselves. 

Each course is available separately or as part of a bundle.  However, we strongly recommend beginning your training with Fundamentals.

The one-time tuition payment (listed below) gives you full access to your course(s) and other student benefits for the following terms:
- individual course enrollment = 1 year
- course bundle = 2 years

After that time period is up, you will automatically be enrolled in the monthly course continued enrollment. For a small monthly fee ($5 for individual courses, $10 for a bundle), you will continue to have complete access to your course(s) and other student benefits such as weekly live webinars. This monthly continued enrollment after your initial term is completely optional and can be cancelled at any time.

Read about our money-back guarantee on the FAQ page!

Fundamentals Course: $495

Refrigerators: $350

Advanced Schematic Analysis and Troubleshooting (ASAT): $350

Business Course: $250

Professional Development: $150

Technical Bundle: $1195
You get Fundamentals of Appliance Repair, Refrigerator Troubleshooting and Repair, and Advanced Schematic Analysis and Troubleshooting courses, along with Professional Development for Appliance Repair Technicians for FREE!

Business Bundle: $1320
Includes the courses in the Technical Bundle plus the Operating a Profitable Appliance Repair Business course at half price!


Note to Employers with multiple techs: Taking our courses is a very personalized experience for each student, so each technician needs his or her own enrollment in each course. For online training to be effective, students need to work at their own pace and be encouraged to repeat lessons and videos as needed. The goal is mastery of the material, after all! And each tech comes to their training with their own unique mix of strengths, weaknesses, and experience.

Here's our group pricing for companies with multiple techs.

First enrollment: regular price
Second, third, and fourth enrollments: 10% off
Fifth and all subsequent enrollments: 15% off

You will need to contact us after the first enrollment to get your company coupon code, which will then give you the ongoing discount for techs 2 through 4. Then, contact us again to receive the increased discount on your subsequent enrollments.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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