Hands-on Appliance Training Resources

We occasionally are asked if we cover hands-on disassembly skills in our courses.

The Master Samurai Tech Academy teaches appliance techs how to diagnose and repair broken appliances in a professional manner. This includes troubleshooting the appliance using schematics and taking electrical measurements with a meter. Confidently pinpointing a failure is the key skill of an appliance tech.

Disassembly, on the other hand, doesn't need to be included in the coursework of this academy. It's easy enough to get it for free on YouTube. There, you can get all the hands-on training you need to feel prepared for the job.

Here's a list of some helpful YouTube channels that specialize in showing appliance disassembly.

Repair Clinic

Appliance Parts Pros

Parts Select

A great place to get tech sheets and service manuals is at our sister site Appliantology. It has an extensive trove of technical documents, which often include those important disassembly details, to help you on your service calls. And you can also post topics in one of Appliantology's many forums. Learn more about Appliantology and its powerful tech resources here.