Display your Impressive Appliance Repair Training Certification!

Posted on May 20, 2015 by - Academy Talk

You know you want one!

You know you want one!

Graduates of the MST Academy courses are proud of their achievement, and rightly so! They have worked hard, sharpened their skills with our online appliance repair training courses, and their businesses and careers are already profiting from being a certified appliance technician.

If you have completed any of our technical courses and achieved the target scores required for certification, then show your accomplishment off to the world with this fine certificate, signed by the Samurai himself and mailed to you. Simply submit this form to us and we'll get 'er done.

You must be enrolled in one of our courses to request a certificate. Click here to enroll in a course, or, if you've already enrolled, click here to login!

7 Responses to “Display your Impressive Appliance Repair Training Certification!”

  1. william rich on

    Master Samurai,

    Konichiwa and Thank You!

    The courses are ” FANTASTIC “. I recently completed my “bundle” of classes and will most likely return to further my education through your school.

    Again, GREAT COURSE, and thanks.
    William Rich

    • Scott Brown on

      Thanks so much, William! Glad to hear you found the courses fulfilling and helpful.

      Many students report that the courses allow them vastly improve their troubleshooting accuracy– so no more guessing about which part is bad. They also increased their first call complete rate and profitability. I’m sure this will be your experience, too.


  2. Gene Kinney on

    The Fundamentals course at your academy was thorough and detailed. No doubt if a student applies themselves not only will they learn the materials inside they’ll clear up misconceptions and be able to apply the knowledge in the real world.

    Many thanks for putting appliance tech study online so it’s reachable for everyone and affordable, too. I’ll definitely be continuing on with more academy courses.

    Gene Kinney
    Fundamental Course Grad

    • Scott Brown on

      Thanks for your comments, Gene! We’ve worked hard to provide a thorough, structured learning experience to appliance techs so they can bring their skills up to speed for working on modern appliances. I’m so glad to hear it was a valuable learning experience for you, Gene.

  3. Robert Smith on

    Just recently finished the fundamental course and learned of good stuff. Now I am taking the advanced schematic reading course so I can really put it all together. It has been a very exciting experience so far. Being out there on my own taking on new challenges these course are a must.

    Thank you

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