Full-Support Benefits

When you enroll in the MST Academy as a Full-Support student, you get more than just the online courses-- WAAAY more! You get interactive and live help from Team Samurai!

You can post questions about your coursework and get expert, interactive help in the Student Forums. We encourage you to post questions about the course material. If you are stuck in the coursework then perhaps someone else will be, too. This way, your fellow students can learn from the Original Master Samurai’s response. This kind of collective wisdom of online information is another value of our online education.

But wait-- incredibly, there's more! Come to our Office Hours webinars and get live, interactive help with the Samurai. Sometimes there will be a prepared presentation on a topic of interest to appliance techs. Other times, it's just open Q&A. Either way, it's a great way to live, real-time help with questions you're having about understanding the course material, quiz questions, and exams.

Most presentations given at Office Hours will be recorded and available for later viewing in the Student Forums.

You also get personal interaction on the Midterm and Fundamentals Final exam, where there are open-answer questions that we grade personally.

Another powerful characteristic of online education is that we can update the courses easily. We periodically add new content in response to student questions, changes in appliance technology, or just to make the courses that much better! Check our list of Course Updates to make sure you haven't missed anything!